The first product is a questionnaire template that can be used by any organisation wishing to map what kind of support staff members need in using Moodle.  Organisations can use this product to direct Moodle support more precisely, targeting areas most in need of help.  Furthermore, the content of Moodle support can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation based on the results of the questionnaire.  

Access the questionnaire template in spreadsheet format and save it on your computer. Language versions are included in the Excel file. The language versions are English, German, Swedish, Estonian and Finnish.
Link to questionnaire template spreadsheet.

The second category of products deals with pedagogical use of Moodle and consists of course and exercise templates, instructions and tips to make the life of teachers easier.

The third category of products deals with technical aspects of Moodle and are intended to be used by Moodle support personnel and Moodle maintenance.

The download links for the products will appear here as soon as they are finished.