Instructions and guides

Instructions and guides

Here you can find instructions and guides on pedagogical use of Moodle. Some of these are instructions on the use of activities and resources while some have pedagogical or even organizational approach.

The materials can be downloaded, imported to Moodle and customized at will as long as the project and funding logos are retained in the materials. The materials in H5P format can be downloaded by clicking the “⟳ Reuse” button or embedded by clicking on the “<> Embed” button.

Moodle Tool Guide – A reference chart website for checking the ease of use and pedagogical goals of the most common Moodle activity and resource types. The Finnish, Swedish and Estonian translations were made in this project.

Some materials have been translated to other European languages. Click on the flags to access the translated versions.


Moodle Tool Guide

A reference chart website for checking the ease of use and pedagogical goals of the most common Moodle activity and resource types. The Finnish, Swedish and Estonian translations were made in this project.

Introduction to H5P / H5P template

An introduction to H5P format that can be used as a template as well.

Accessible Contents

Pedagogical guide to accessibility – what needs to be taken into account when developing accessible e-learning contents.

Building Interaction

An H5P guide to using forum, assignment, chat, workshop, database, glossary and wiki activities to build interaction.

Learning Paths

An H5P guide on learning paths, defining what they are, why they are useful and how learning paths work in Moodle.

Learning Design

Pedagogical guide to the methodology of learning design.

e-Learning checklist

A checklist to make sure that the most important aspects of e-learning are considered when a course is created.

e-Learning Storyboarding checklist

Checklist for creating an e-learning storyboard.

Using augmented reality examples in face to face teaching

Some examples of how augmented reality can be used in Moodle for vocational training.

Co-creation of content and co-teaching

Guide for organisations, teams and groups of teachers on how co-creation of content and co-teaching can make everyday life easier and more efficient and how it should be organised.

Introduction to Moodle Quiz

Instructions on the use of versatile Moodle Quiz activity.

How to tune your old Moodle course

A Moodle course for teachers who need to update their existing courses. A step-by-step approach makes it easy for any teacher to modernise their old courses. The content can be used on project’s Moodle or the course package can be downloaded, installed and edited on any Moodle as long as the project and funding information are retained.

How to tune your old Moodle Course

Download this course backup as .mbz file. Install on local Moodle and edit freely but retain the project and funding information.

Download backup that supports H5P core version
Download backup that supports H5P plug-in

Before downloading try to find out whether you have a new version of Moodle with H5P core or an older one with H5P plug-in

Video instructions for most common Moodle activities and resources

A collection of instructional videos for the most common Moodle activities and resource types from Works well together with the Moodle Tool Guide.

Course Creation

An H5P book on adding and setting up a course. Adding participants is also covered.

Course Format

Introduction to the most useful course formats.

Groups and how to use them

Instructions on adding and creating groups, the settings, editing groups and using filters

Completion Progress

Instructions on enabling completion progress monitoring, which is a great, time-saving way to get a visual representation of activity completion.

Different User Roles

An H5P guide to different user roles and how to assign them in specific contexts.

Content Management

How to manage content in Moodle by using files, folders, images, sound, video, embedded content, filters, plagiarism prevention, portfolios, backups and downloads. Includes instructions on how to add content to Moodle.

Interactive Video

How to use interactive video H5Ps in Moodle.

Linking Moodle and Teams

Instructions on linking Moodle LMS and Teams communication system.

Making a virtual classroom in Moodle by using Teams

Feedback for Teachers

An H5P guide on collecting feedback and evaluating courses in Moodle.

Assessment – Feedback for Learners

An H5P guide on grading and giving feedback to students including feedback files, audio / video feedback, annotations etc.

The Gradebook

Automatically aggregating scores and feedback by using Moodle Gradebook. This requires correct technical grading settings and careful planning as a whole.

Editing the course settings

Instructions on how to modernize and update an existing old Moodle course. The instructions are easy to follow step-by-step as they are compiled into Moodle course format.